Our role is to work with churches and faith-based projects to help them respond effectively to local needs and make a bigger difference in their communities.

Three of our key areas of work are connecting people, the Just Finance Foundation, and working with displaced people.

Connecting, Inspiring and Training

For the past four years TL have built up a whole network of partners across the Diocese with many churches, the 8 local authorities, the VCFSE organisations and other statutory providers to build new partnerships and training programmes to tackle poverty and injustice. Our newsletter, website, blogs and twitter feed keep people right up to date with the issues people are facing. We are often consulted by various agencies about housing, poverty and community cohesion and other issues.




Just Finance

We were one of the three national pilot projects to work with churches and credit unions in the development of work to improve financial resilience across the region. Working with churches, housing providers and credit unions we are promoting payroll savings into credit unions with employers and providing Cash Smart Credit Savvy training. This is part of the new Just Finance Foundation set up recently as one of the programmes from Church Urban Fund. With our area having some of the most disadvantaged communities in the country many projects have been set up to help people with food and financial assistance and we offer support, expertise, training and prayerful encouragement.



Displaced People

Over three years ago we realised that the issues faced by asylum seekers and other displaced people in a region with few minority ethnic communities were important. Since then we have helped to publish materials about these and have been involved in community cohesion collaboration with churches, other faith communities and statutory providers to maximise support and the understanding of peoples’ positions and concerns. We were one of the partners delivering community cohesion strategy in Liverpool and work with the Police and others to reduce race hate and modern day slavery.