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Responding to Life on the Breadline: Faith, Austerity and Poverty

Listen to our Food Insecurity Lead Executive Dr Naomi Maynard speaking at the Life on the Breadline conference about how Christians can respond to austerity and poverty

In this talk Naomi challenges Christians to consider how they are responding to the violence of poverty in the UK and asks us to reflect on moments of righteous anger.

Naomi shares powerful first-hand examples of how poverty manifests in everyday life, and how austerity policies have affected those in the communities she lives and works with.

Naomi then points to three examples of Christian responses to austerity policies: firstly sharing about the power of one-to-one relationships and the importance of listening to those who experience the impacts of austerity. Secondly, Naomi reflects on the value of local campaigning and the opportunities created through building up networks of relationships. Thirdly, Naomi focuses on the growth of the Your Local Pantry network amongst churches, sharing how these spaces have the potential to bring communities together in new ways., suggesting that they have the potential to be a foretaste, of God’s Kingdom. Pointing towards an alternative to the systems that create, entrap and perpetuate the injustices and violence of poverty

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