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Resources to support people through difficult circumstances

Our latest news bulletin contains resources and information from Children's Society, LCVS, Domestic Abuse Service, Church Army and Just Finance Foundation to help charities, churches and community groups as they offer support for people experiencing difficult circumstances

Old boat in storm

Weathering the storm - Editorial

In the first few weeks of this pandemic the phrase ‘we’re all in the same boat’ was being used in the UK to convey comradery, with the hope that it would foster the infamous ‘blitz spirit’. However, as many commentators have recently stated, whilst we are all experiencing the same storm, the boats in which we weather this storm are vastly different.

Some of our boats were already broken before being put out to sea, perhaps by the repeated knocks of austerity, welfare reform and ill health.

Other boats are small with many occupants, little or no private space, limited wifi and certainly no personal laptops for each occupant to continue to work or learn from the boat.

Several are lonely places, time is spent looking out to sea wondering when the next wave will come to knock our vessel.

They may also be places of grief, as occupant of our boat or of other boats we care about have been lost in the storm.

And for some our boats are not the places of refuge we were told they should be. They are places of fear, as we are confined with other occupants who put our mental and physical health at risk. In this news bulletin we offer resources and opportunities to help us support each other to weather this storm.

Dr Naomi Maynard - Lead Project Development Worker

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