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Reset the debt campaign - letter to the Chancellor

Church leaders are being invited to sign an open letter to Chancellor Rishi Sunak asking him to take urgent action to #ResetTheDebt for low-income families hit by Covid-19.

This Christmas 2.87 million people nationally are estimated to be at high risk of long-term debt and 1.2m in severe problem debt due to the pandemic, according to research by debt charity Stepchange.

Together Liverpool is part of a coalition of faith-based organisations including Church Action on Poverty and Transforming Communities Together, who are supporting the #ResetTheDebt campaign to address this growing crisis.

We are asking church leaders to please add your signature to the letter to the Chancellor, urging him to take action to stop families being weighed down by debt and protect those at risk.

It sets out grave concerns about the hardship churches are witnessing on the front-line as we provide food, essentials and financial advice, often hearing stories about people facing awful choices such as between paying for food or rent.

It also sets out how: “The human cost of problem debt is high and goes beyond simple lack of resources. Worry and stress in households can be debilitating and has long-term mental health consequences, especially for children.”

You can read the full letter here, it will be released in December and those who sign it will receive follow-up information about how you can continue to raise the profile of the UK household debt crisis this winter.

If you don't hold a leadership role in your church, please send the link to your minister or other church leader and ask them to sign it. Many thanks to those of you who have already helped to raise awareness of the campaign by writing to your MP.