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Pray - Serve - Give

Our latest news bulletin offers ways in which we can Pray, Serve and Give as together we respond to this crisis

For some of us life has slowed down, our world has narrowed as we remain primarily within four walls; time doesn’t quite seem what it was before. For others our lives are bursting, we are full of zoom calls, emails and WhatsApp messages, we are packing food parcels, caring for the elderly, shopping for others; there are not enough hours in the day as we operate on the literal and virtual frontlines of this crisis.

Whatever your experience and wherever you are, be assured your actions over the next few weeks have the power to transform how others feel, experience and remember this time.

In the Diocese of Liverpool we follow a Rule of Life : we are ‘Called to pray, read and learn. Sent to tell, serve and give.’
In this news bulletin we offer ways in which all of us, from our sitting rooms or on the frontlines can pray, serve and give as together we form a Network of Kindness.

Dr Naomi Maynard - Lead Project Development Worker

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