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October News Bulletin

“It was only six days, but it took a real shot at our mental health. There are only so many rooms and so many toys before kids get bored and destructive. Being the sole person to entertain them and do everything was exhausting…the sacrifices made are much higher for those like me on low income or the vulnerable.

With the debate about if the Government should have funded Free School Meals this half term in full swing, it is more evident than ever that the pandemic is not being experienced equally, with the greatest burden falling on the most vulnerable in our society. The comments above are from Natalie, a single mother from Everton, who shared her story with me as together we highlight how the pandemic is further exposing and exasperating inequalities.

At Together Liverpool we love to celebrate stories of kindness, but we also want to provide a platform for the uncomfortable stories to be told, stories that challenge the structural in justices we see in our society.

In looking to develop a Network of Kindness we will also want to develop a network of storytelling – stories that celebrate, challenge, inspire, provoke and bring about radical change.

Dr Naomi Maynard, Lead Project Development Worker