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November News Bulletin

Back in the summer we celebrated and encouraged small acts of everyday kindness, ways to bless your neighbours as we began to adjust to the pandemic. This month’s I have been blessed by many acts of kindness, from the cakes sent to my door after a long week, to new volunteers supporting our work with Feeding Liverpool even though it means a 7.45am start!

This month’s bulletin offers us the chance to continue our acts of kindness in a multitude of different ways. Standing in solidarity with those suffering with AIDS as we mark World AIDS day; adding our views to ensure our City Region’s strategy around Sustainable and Affordable food provides the best road map it can be for the years ahead, and calling on the Chancellor Rishi Sunak to Reset The Debt, taking action to prevent households from being weighed down by debt accumulated during the pandemic.

Our hope is as you read this, it will spur you onto an act of kindness, whether small or large, as together we stand against injustice of every kind.

Dr Naomi Maynard, Lead Project Development Worker