Together Liverpool Social Action Lead Officer Kate Eaglestone will be co-hosting a breakfast meeting for churches and charities looking to host Christmas Day meals to support lonely, isolated, elderly people and families living in poverty.

The Hope Foundation is seeking twenty churches or charities to work in partnership to host Christmas meals this year and director Stephen Robertson will be sharing more information at the breakfast meeting, from 9.30am - 11.30am on September 20th.

Every Christmas Day for the past nine years, the Hope Foundation’s Christmas meal project has hosted a Christmas day celebration, so far reaching 1,500 lonely, isolated and elderly people and families living in poverty. A three-course meal is provided, along with gifts, games and entertainment to provide each guest a safe, warm welcoming meal.

The breakfast meeting at Frontline Church, Lawrence Road, Wavertree, will be an opportunity to find out more from Stephen about the Hope Foundation’s experience over the past 9 years, the charity’s plans for the future and how churches and charities can work together.

Christmas meal blurb

The Hope Foundation aims is to ensure that nobody is alone on Christmas Day, during often the hardest time of year for many people, especially when family, friends and finances are lacking.

Stephen Robertson said: “Our vision is to move from hosting one central Christmas day celebration, to working in partnerships with churches and charities across our city and beyond to reach every person in their locality and provide many meals to truly ensure nobody goes without.

“If you have ever thought about running your own Christmas day meal, then please get in touch as we would love to work together! We have an operating manual that we are happy to share would love to collaborate, pray together, and share resources.”

Everyone is welcome to drop into the networking breakfast whether you plan to host your own meal or you just want to know a little bit more. Email Stephen for RSVP:

You can also email Kate: