Meet our new Just Finance Lead Executive

Together Liverpool are delighted to welcome Kevin Peacock as our new Just Finance Lead Executive

Kev Peacock

Kev has been a friend and supporter of Together Liverpool for several years and brings with him a wealth of experience.

In his first week on the job, we asked Kev a few questions about his new role and he shared his desire to connect with others across the diocese.

Kev, what are your aims for this new role as our Just Finance Lead Executive ?

Good question! My aim is to build links with churches and other partners across the City Region to build a more ‘just’ financial system. We know that low income, problem debt, difficulties accessing mainstream financial services, poor financial literacy, and the lack of savings / resilience are some of the reasons why people struggle in our communities. We also know there are some brilliant people and initiatives out there, within our advice giving organisations, credit unions, universities, local authorities and financial and faith-based organisations.

I hope that by bringing some of these together we can add value to what already exists, promote good practice and bring about change. Julia Webster started this work, so I’m hoping to take it on further. My dream would be for every church in the Diocese to know how they can support someone in financial difficulty; even better would be for every church to be involved in taking action or campaigning for change.

Why have you decided to take on this role?

I have chosen to work with Together Liverpool for lots of reasons. I love living in the Liverpool City Region and want to see people thrive here. I firmly believe in partnership working and it felt that Julia’s work had real traction not just with churches but with business and other local organisations. I think financial inclusion is something that is bigger than any individual neighbourhood or local authority area – it needs doing across borders. I believe that the faith sector can be really effective agent for change in this area. I’m also excited to be working with Ellen, Naomi and the TL Trustees who are people I know and rate highly.

Can you tell us a little more about your experiences and how this fits in with your work with St Andrews Community Network?

You may know me as the Chief Executive of St. Andrew’s Community Network. I’ve worked for many years leading social action and missional projects in my local community of Clubmoor. This includes in Debt Advice and with North Liverpool Foodbank which we now deliver with a partnership of local churches. I’m still going to be doing this work 3 days per week as well as my role at Together Liverpool. In any other time I get I am on the steering group of Feeding Liverpool, a Trustee of Options for Supported Living and a resident Board member of MyClubmoor.

What next?

I’d love to hear from you if you are already involved in money work in your community – as part of a church or otherwise. It will take time for me to learn what’s already around in the Diocese. I’d also love to hear from you if you have been thinking of taking action in this area – perhaps helping people save, learn about money, provide advice work, or even campaigning for change. I’m sure I’ve some resources and ideas to share!