Do you run a foodbank, pantry, community shop or other food project? Together Liverpool, in partnership with Feeding Liverpool would like to invite you to a presentation from Bankuet, the UK’s first zero waste food donation platform on Thursday 4th March at 11am.

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Bankuet is open to all food projects across the UK to support them to grow their donations, reach new donors and make it easier for existing donors to give when lockdowns have made it difficult.

Bankuet has been particularly helpful for those food projects who are unable to meet their stock needs through existing donors or are regularly purchasing food. Using donations made through Bankuet, food projects can request the items they need each week and Bankuet organises to deliver these items directly to the project.

Bankuet is free to use with no set-up cost, no monthly fee and they only retain 5% of donations raised towards their running costs. For every £1 donated through the platform, typically more than £1 of food is delivered due to their bulk buying capacity. Currently Bankuet is offering a £300 welcome gift of items they supply as a welcome gift.

Sign up for the event here.