Dignity, Choice, Hope: new report about how Pantries are changing the lives of members across the UK

“Being a Pantry member means ‘healthier meals, less stress, more money to pay bills” (St Andrews Pantry, Clubmoor).

Your Local Pantry has launched its new impact report, authored by our Food Insecurity Lead Dr Naomi Maynard and statistician Dr Fiona Tweedie, charting the difference its pantries are making to members and their communities.

Neighbourhood food pantries can be at the heart of Britain’s pandemic recovery, strengthening communities, improving health, and loosening the grip of poverty.

In amongst powerful stories, including those from members from the nine Your Local Pantry’s in Liverpool, the report's authors found that:

  • 95% said being a Pantry member had improved their household finances
  • 76% said membership has improved their mental health
  • 69% said member had improved their physical health
  • 70% felt more connected to their local community
  • 59% said they now eat less processed food
  • 54% said they now eat more fresh fruit & veg
Naomi YLP

Members could also save over £780 per year, reducing their household food bills, freeing up money to spend on other bills, debts, savings or a special treat such as a day out.

Dr Naomi Maynard says: “Pantries play a vital role in bringing together local communities, they are member-led places where people can meet new friends, reduce the amount their household spends on food and access fresh, healthy food!

There is no stigma is being a Pantry member - anyone can join a Pantry in their local community, benefit from the savings whilst also playing a part in tackling local food waste.”

Learn more about pantries from the authors at a special event on 2nd March 2pm – click here to register.

Read the full report.