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Advent HOPE - Let your light shine - YouTube resource for schools

Students at Alsop High School have recorded an Act of Collective Worship at Walton Parish Church, for schools to use in assemblies during Advent.

“Advent HOPE – Let your LIGHT shine” has been shared to help young people prepare to celebrate Christmas during extra-ordinary times.

Students from Alsop High led the Act of Collective Worship at the Church of St Mary, Walton-on-the-Hill, and the video is suitable for classrooms based assemblies.

The school has launched several initiatives to support students and their families as they prepare to celebrate Christmas during difficult times, as part of the Alsop Hope 2021 programme.

The assembly focuses on the “Liverpool Candle of HOPE” and Alsop students pause and reflect upon the word hope.

The candle was given to a group of Italian teachers on their visit to Alsop. During 2017 the candle began a tour of Italian schools across Lombardy and Sardinia. A version of the Advent film with Italian subtitles has also been shared, to enable the assembly to be shown in Italian schools.

Alsop High has also worked in partnership with Rev Fiona Pennie, Interim Priest of St Mary’s to deliver an Advent initiative in the churchyard.

Trees are being illuminated and artwork displayed to create a beacon of hope during these difficult times.