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West Warrington Church providing a lifeline for lonely people in Warrington

Imagine being trapped in your house, unable to go anywhere, no one visiting you. It’s a scenario many of us would have struggled to relate to at the start of this year. However now millions have now experienced this. For some it has made their previous situations all the harder or more isolated. In response to the current crisis West Warrington Church launched a Telephone Befriending Scheme to provide telephone companions to those isolated and lonely people in Warrington.

The Scheme matches safely recruited members of our congregations with those in need. The volunteers are overseen by a scheme administrator and they have protocols and processes in place to escalate any concerns or safeguarding issues.

Scheme Administrator Heather Copperweat said: “We are hearing many stories from isolated and lonely people who are finding things all the harder at the moment. To be able to brighten their day and let them know that the community cares for them is so valuable. Loneliness existed way before COVID-19, but it has certainly been a catalyst for our Church community coming together to tackle it.” Volunteers call their contacts on a weekly basis, and new friendships are starting to emerge. “It is also very interesting that we have a diverse group of people we are supporting; we have everything from a 101-year-old to single parents. It is clear that loneliness comes in many forms. We are very grateful to be God’s witness in the community and improve lives for others.”

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