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Prayers for the planet - Rise to the Moment Relay to COP26 - Merseyside

Walkers from more than 50 churches have pledged to join the Rise to the Moment churches relay to Cop26 – Merseyside to pray for climate justice, in the run up to the UN climate summit in Glasgow. Here is what we will be praying for:

What can your church do?

Churches are committed to reducing our carbon footprints to help mitigate climate change and achieve Net-Zero targets. What can your church do?

  • Register for Eco Church, complete the survey & use the resources – it’s free
  • Sign up your church to @Faiths4Change
  • Share your actions in church, in your community and on social media #netcarbonzero #climatejustice
  • Invite a Christian Aid speaker to present about about climate justice in your community - email hello@christian-aid.org
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