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Resourcing Communities

We encourage communities to explore the intersections between social action, justice and faith to discover resources to use in their churches and communities.

“Could someone come and speak at my church about homelessness? Are there any assembly resources about modern slavery? Is there a book I should read about poverty and my faith? Are Christian organisations interested in environmental activism? Is there a theological basis for social action?”

We have created this interactive resource database for individuals, faith groups, churches and community leaders who are looking to learn more about the connections between social action, justice and faith.

Websites (National)

Websites of National organisations working on the intersections between social action, justice and faith

A Rocha UK
A Rocha UK work for the protection and restoration of the natural world. Their resources-filled website is aimed at churches and individuals exploring how their faith connects with issues surrounding the environment. Key UK based projects include Eco Church and Wild Christian.

Christian Aid
Christian Aid fight against poverty throughout the world. Their website provides resources to support churches looking to engage with issues of global poverty.

Christians Against Poverty
CAP aim to release people from poverty through debt counselling and community groups. CAP offers courses and resources for churches looking to engage with issues of financial poverty.

Church Action on Poverty
Church Action on Poverty is an ecumenical charity dedicated to tackling the root causes of poverty in the UK. They have a vision of a fairer society with a narrower gap between rich and poor. They provide resources to support churches address issue of poverty.

Churches for All
Churches for All is a network of UK Christian disability-engaged organisations. Their aim is to help churches create and sustain an environment where disabled people can participate fully in church life for the benefit of all.

Church Urban Fund
Church Urban Fund (CUF) have a vision to see people and communities all over England flourish and enjoy life in all its fullness. They work through the Church of England’s local parish networks, and alongside other faith-based and secular organisations, to bring about positive change in neighbourhoods. The CUF website contains resources for churches to use around poverty.

Cinnamon Network
Cinnamon Network aims to make it as easy as possible for local churches to transform their communities by reaching out and building life-giving relationships with those in greatest need. They offer tailored support for churches, leadership training for church-based volunteers involved in social action and opportunities to apply for ‘micro-grants’ to start new social action projects.

Fleshandblood is a campaign to mobilise the people and resources of the church to help increase the number of blood and organ donors in the UK.

Green Christian
Green Christian aims to help people understand the connection between the environment and faith. Their website contains practical resources to support this.

Hope into Action
Hope into Action provides homes for the most vulnerable in society in partnership with local churches.

Housing Justice
Housing Justice is the national voice of Christian action to prevent homelessness and bad housing. They offer support to churches looking to address these issues in their communities.

Joint Public Issues Team
The Joint Public Issues Team is made up of the Baptist Union, the Church of Scotland, the Methodist Church and the United Reformed Church, working together for peace and justice. Their website contains a range of resources for churches about topics including asylum seekers and migration, the environment, poverty and inequality and peacemaking.

Joy in Enough
Led by Green Christian, Joy in Enough is a campaign for a fair and sustainable economy. The website contains resources and papers reflecting on how Christians can respond to issues of sustainability, equality and economics.

Jubilee+ want to see churches at the heart of nurturing strong communities centred around social action, social justice and social enterprise. Their website provides guides to support churches engaging with social issues.

Just Finance Foundation
The Just Finance Foundation has a vision of a fair financial system and addresses the issues of financial exclusion, distress caused by unmanageable money worries and debt, and the lack of practical knowledge around budgeting, saving and spending. They offer three training courses for churches and individuals looking to address these issues.

Places of Welcome
Places of Welcome is a growing network of local community groups (including churches) providing their neighbourhoods with places where all people feel safe to belong, connect and contribute.

Prison Fellowship
Prison Fellowship’s mission is to show Christ’s love to prisoners and their families by coming alongside them and supporting them. They want to support churches (and individuals) to become involved in their local prisons.

Rules for Christian Activists
Rules for Christian Activists is an interactive website with stories of everyday Christian activism.

Social Responsibility Network
SRN is a peer support network for Christian social responsibility practitioners.They share good practice, ideas and information on a wide range of social responsibility issues and provide peer support and encouragement. SRN host an annual conference.

The Centre for Theology & Community
The Centre for Theology & Community aims toequip churches to transform their communities through the practices of community organising, theological reflection and prayer. Their website contains resources to support churches in this.

The Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility
The Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility is a faith-based coalition that leads and collaborates with others in advocacy and awareness raising, working for economic justice, human rights and environmental sustainability. Their website contains resources to support individuals and churches on ethical money issues.

The GRA:CE Project
The GRA:CE project is a three–year research project by Theos and Church Urban Fund seeking to understand the relationship between church growth, social action and discipleship within the Church of England.

Together for the Common Good
The vision of Together for the Common Goodis of a world being transformed as more people take responsibility for the common good and are committed to the flourishing of all. Their website contains resources and details events that support this mission.

Transforming Lives for Good
Transforming Lives for Good is a Christian charity that aims to support churches in their role in bringing hope and a future to struggling children in the UK. They offer programmes and support around holiday hunger and school exclusion.

Urban Expression
Urban Expression are an urban church planting organisation. They offer training programmes and resources for that challenge Christians to engage in pioneering and creative mission, and reflect on issues of justice in an urban context.

Websites (Merseyside)

Websites of organisations working across Merseyside on the intersection between social action, justice and faith

Faiths4Change connects the health and wellbeing of people and the environment across the North West through partnerships, community projects and not-for-profit services.

Imagine If
Imagine If Trust is a Liverpool based charity, motivated by the Christian faith, working to bring about transformation through a range of community projects. Their aims are to relieve poverty, promote education and strengthen families.

Liverpool Community Spirit
Liverpool Community Spirit is an inter-faith community education charity which draws on the insights, wisdom and traditions of Liverpool’s diverse faith and cultural communities to nurture the understanding, trust and friendship needed for inclusive and lasting community spirit. They deliver education workshops for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities.

Micah Liverpool
Micah Liverpool is a social justice charity founded by Liverpool Cathedral, Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King and St Bride’s Church to relieve Liverpool residents from social injustice and poverty. They run projects to combat unemployment and deliver emergency food aid and affordable food.

St Andrew’s Community Network
St Andrew's Community Network is a North Liverpool based charity which encourages and enables churches to engage with social action activities.

Reports (National)

National policy and research reports connecting social action, justice and faith

After Grenfell: the Faith Groups’ Response
A report by Theos exploring how faith groups responded to the fire at Grenfell Tower.

Building Kingdom communities: The prophetic role of the Church in community engagement
This practical paper by Church Urban Fund aims to assist theological reflection on social action.

Christians in Practice: connecting discipleship and community engagement
Christians in Practice, conducted by the Saltley Trust and Church Urban Fund, explores how Christians connect their discipleship to their engagement in communities and neighbourhoods. The research was conducted in the Diocese of Birmingham and Lichfield.

Church in Action: a national survey of church based social action
In 2017 Church Urban Fund conducted a large-scale national survey, assessing the scale and nature of Anglican social action in England. The report highlights and celebrates the contribution that churches are making to their local communities.

Creative Tension in Urban Mission: Reflections on Missional Practice and Theory
A Grove Book reflecting on how churches and individual practitioners can respond faithfully and creatively to the tensions that often arise in urban mission.

Doing Good: A Future for Christianity in the 21st Century
A report by Theos reflecting on how Christians combine approaches to loving God and loving their neighbour.

Doing Good Better: The Case for Faith–based Social Innovation
A report by Theos examininghow faith organisations are responding to social need in innovative ways, and what can be learnt from them.

Fullness of Life Together: Reimagining Christian engagement in our communities
A report by Church Urban Fund and Livability considering how churches engage with their communities. They question the dominance of service delivery models in Christian community engagement and offer alternatives drawing on co-production and asset-based community development.

God and the Moneylenders: faith and the battle against exploitative lending
A report by The Centre for Theology & Community focusing on how those of faith can respond to the rise in exploitive money lending practices.

Good Neighbours: How Churches Help Communities Flourish
A report by Theos and Church Urban Fund exploring the impact of churches in deprived communities in England.

Homelessness and Evangelism
This Grove Book reflects on how Christians can respond appropriately with the Good News to those who are homeless.

Hope in God’s Future: Christian Discipleship in the Context of Climate Change
A report and study guide by the Joint Public Issues team to help churches and individuals explore the connections between the Christian faith and environmental issues and consider how they can respond.

Ingredients for Action: understanding and responding to food poverty
This report by Church Urban Fund explores how the principles of being relational, encouraging participation, and seeking justice can help shape and inform responses to food poverty both at a local and national level.

Jubilee Spirituality: Seeking a Free and Equal Society
This Grove Bookfollows the concept of jubilee in the Bible. It shares examples of where jubilee can and does inspire and transform today, offering ideas for action and reflection.

Just Church: Local congregations transforming their neighbourhoods
A booklet by The Centre for Theology & Community offering a theological framework connecting mission and social justice.

Marching Towards Justice: Community Organising and The Salvation Army
A report by The Centre for Theology & Community with a dual focus on evangelism and social action. It focuses on the role that seeking justice plays in moving beyond treating the symptoms of social injustice to challenging the causes.

Visible Discipleship: Re-imagining Social Responsibility for Today’s World
A discussion paper by the Social Responsibility Network, Church of England and Church in Wales, offering understanding of social responsibility as ‘visible discipleship’.

What a difference a faith makes: Insights on faith-based charities
A report by NPC reflecting on the role of faith-based charities in UK society.

What helps disciples grow?
A research project conducted by St Peter’s Saltley Trust exploring discipleship. The research was conducted in the West Midlands.

Reports (Merseyside)

Reports on social action, justice and/or inequality across Merseyside

Austerity, Adversity & Welfare Reform: The Impact in Liverpool
This report produced by Liverpool Mental Health Consortium in 2017 reflects on the impacts of austerity and welfare reforms on Liverpool. It has a particular focus on mental health and wellbeing.

Cinnamon Faith Action Audit: City of Liverpool
In 2016, Cinnamon Network undertook an audit on faith and action in the city of Liverpool. This audit, also conducted nationally, provides evidence of the value of time given by the UK Church and faith groups to their communities each year.

Community Cohesion Report
This report produced by Liverpool City Council in 2017 analyses community cohesion in Liverpool.

Liverpool City Region Child Poverty and Life Chances Strategy
This document sets out the strategy for addressing child poverty in the Liverpool City Region.

Liverpool: Welfare Reform Cumulative Impact Analysis Interim Report
This report produced by Liverpool City Council in 2016 details the impacts of welfare reforms on the city.


Books connecting social action with faith, church growth and/or discipleship

Accidental Saints: Finding God in all the wrong people (2015) by Nadia Bolz-Weber

A Faithful Presence: Working together for the Common Good (2015) by Hilary Russell

Beyond the Good Samaritan: Community Ministry and Mission (2003) by Ann Morisy

Buying God: Consumerism and Theology (2018) by Eve Poole

Community and Ministry: An Introduction to Community Development in a Christian Context (2007) by Paul Ballard

Crossover City: Resources for Urban Mission and Transformation (2011) by Andrew Davey

Crunch Time: A call to action (2010), edited by Angus Ritchie

Dethroning Mammon: Making Money Serve Grace (2016) by Justin Welby

Economy of Grace (2005) by Kathryn Tanner

Faithful Citizens: Catholic Social Teaching & Community Organising (2010) by Austen Ivereigh

For Good: The Church and the future of welfare (2017) by Sam Wells

Good News to the Poor: The Gospel Through Social Involvement (2004) by Tim Chester

Hope for the World: Mission in a Global Context (2006) by Walter Brueggemann

Is a Radical Church Possible? Reshaping its Life for Jesus' Sake (2016) by Adrian Alker

Just Church: 21st Century Liberation Theology in Action (2016) by Chris Howson

Justice as Fairness: A Restatement (2001) by John Rawls and Erin Kelly

Just Living: Faith and Community in an Age of Consumerism (2016) by Ruth Valerio

Let Justice Roll Down: A Christian Aid/CAFOD Anthology for Lent (2003) by Geoffrey Duncan

‘L' is for Lifestyle: Christian Living That Doesn't Cost the Earth (2008) by Ruth Valerio

Mission of God’s People (Biblical Theology for Life) (2010) by Jonathan Lunde and Christopher Wright

Ordinary Miracles (2018) by Chris Lane

Practical Theology in Action – Christian Thinking in the Service of Church and Society (2006) by Paul Ballard

Preparing for the Economic Storm (2014) by Derrick Burns

Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger: Moving from affluence to generosity (2010) by Ronald Sider

The Heart of the Kingdom: Christian theology and children who live in poverty (2013), edited by Angus Ritchie

The Irresistible Revolution: Living as an Ordinary Radical (2016) by Shane Claiborne

The Myth of the Undeserving Poor: A Christian Response to Poverty in Britain Today (2017) by Martin Charlesworth

The New Parish: How Neighborhood Churches Are Transforming Mission, Discipleship and Community (2014), by Paul Sparks, Tim Soerens and Dwight J Friesen

The Radical Disciple: Wholehearted Christian Living (2013) by John Stott

Together for the Common Good (2015) edited by Nicholas SagovskyPeter McGrail

Unto This Last (2006) by John Ruskin

Books can be ordered from the Liverpool Cathedral shop or from your local bookseller.

Resources (For churches and faith organisations)

Resources for churches and faith organisations seeking to engage further with issues of social action, justice and faith

A place to call home? – Bible study
Six Bible studies produced by the Joint Public Issues Team around how Christians can respond to issues surrounding housing in the UK.

Calling People of Goodwill – Bible study
Six-session Bible study resource to help understand the common good in the Bible and respond to God’s calling to transform the world. This resource is designed for prayer groups, away-days, church events, conferences, retreats or personal reading.

Christians Against Poverty – films
A selection of short films that churches can download to inspire them about how God is using Christians Against Poverty to help relieve poverty in the UK.

Church Action on Poverty – resources
Church Action on Poverty provide resources for churches to help address issues of poverty. These include worship resources, videos, a poverty quiz, and guidance on how to give a talk about poverty or run a poverty focused workshop.

Eco Church – resources
A collection of resources produced by Eco Church on five areas of church life: Worship and Teaching, Building Management, Land Management, Community and Global Engagement, and Lifestyle. These include worship and sermon resources as well as practical advice on environment issues.

Enabling Church Course
The Enabling Church Course is a flexible eight-session course exploring how to enrich church life through sharing mission and ministry together with disabled people.

Encounters on the Edge – booklets
A series of booklets by Church Army focusing on church planting and fresh expressions of Church. The following editions connect these themes with social action/justice: no. 17 (addiction); no. 31 (under fives); no. 39 (urban poor); no. 40 (older people); no. 44 (adults with learning disabilities) and no. 48 (non-churched teenagers).

Faith in Foodbanks? – resources
A collection of resources produced by the Joint Public Issues Team for churches about foodbanks, including sermon suggestions, prayers and a Bible study guide.

Going deeper into debt – Bible study and worship resources
Bible study and worship resources produced by The Children’s Society and The Centre for Theology & Community, to explore the impact of problem debt on families.

Green Christian – worship resources
A collection of worship resources to support those seeking to connect faith and environmental issues.

Keeping the Faith – user-friendly guide
A user–friendly guide, supporting faith–based organisations in integrating faith into high quality services and charitable initiatives, produced by Theos and The Centre for Theology & Community. Particularly relevant for groups that want to address the issue of proselytising.

LifeSavers – school assembly resources
LifeSavers school assembly resources contain 80+ pages of ideas and resources to help children explore what it means to be generous, wise, thankful and just with money. The resource uses a values-based approach, drawing on Christian teaching around money.

Lifting the Lid – Bible study
Lifting the Lidis a six-week Bible study course focused on faith and mental health.

Mental Health Access Pack – resources pack
A resources pack to help churches support those with mental health issues.

Mission Theology Advisory Group – online resources
The Mission Theology Advisory Group produces resources to support individuals and churches across five themes: Spirituality, Theology, Reconciliation, Evangelism and Mission.

Modern Slavery Lessons – collective worship resources
Modern slavery Lessons has been created by The Clewer Initiative and Just Enough Group as a way to share their resources for schools. They have created lesson plans and collective worship materials for key stages one to five, focused on helping children and young people learn what modern slavery is, and how they can help raise awareness about it.

Mustard Seed – resources pack
Church Urban Fund has developed resources to be used in church services, exploring how churches can engage with issues of fair and affordable affordable finance and financial services. The resources pack contains Mustard Seed themed services suitable for all ages, with sermon outlines, all age worship and children’s resources.

Near Neighbours – community project resources
Near Neighbours brings people together in communities that are religiously and ethnically diverse, so that they can get to know each other better, build relationships of trust, and collaborate together on initiatives that improve the local community they live in. They offer online resources and provide training workshops for churches on how to plan, fundraise and market a community project.

Peace Resources for Youth Groups – Bible study
Four interactive Bible studies by the Joint Public Issues Team, designed to be used by Christian youth groups to enable discussion and reflection on peacemaking and Christianity.

Quakers in Britain – resource pack
Resources developed by Quakers in Britain surrounding issues of faith relations, peace, climate and social justice.

Quakers in Britain toolkit for action
The toolkit for action is a series of short publications that provide practical 'how to' detail for changing the world. Each publication looks at a different campaigning skill, and can be read on its own, or alongside other 'chapters' of the toolkit.

Riding Lights Theatre Company – environmental videos for small groups
Seven short films and notes for small group discussions about climate justice, produced by Riding Lights Theatre Company.

School Kit – DVD
A three-session interactive DVD resource by Transforming Lives for Good,designed to be used by churches and schools to help parents and carers as they support children through school.

Seeing Change Course – Bible study
A five-session course for churches and small groups, by The Centre for Theology & Community, focusing on community building.

The Clewer Initiative – modern slavery and homelessness digital resources
The Clewer Initiative have created four videos with the aim of increasing awareness of modern slavery amongst those who work or volunteer in projects with homeless people.

Who is my neighbour? – Bible study
A five-session course, by The Centre for Theology & Community, focusing on what the Bible has to say about housing.

Diocese of Liverpool Contacts

The diocese of Liverpool has many resources available for churches to access

Please contact the following people:

Social Justice Director and Canon Chancellor
Rev Canon Dr Ellen Loudon
0151 705 2113

Church Growth Director
Linda Jones
0151 705 2109

Learning and Stewardship Director
Steve Pierce
0151 705 2120